A Rich History

And yes...Abe often visited here

In fact, Mr. Lincoln rode right through White Oak Township before he moved to Washington as a circuit rider along with his pals David Davis, Jesse Fell, and others. There is an historical marker north of town on Church Street to prove it. We're proud of that. 

But we're skipping ahead of ourselves. White Oak Township was formed in 1829. Our first real town, Oak Grove started to make its appearance in 1863 when J. W. Zook built a little store on his father's farm. In that same year, Mr. Zook circulated a petition for a post office and became postmaster. A small village was born. The gathering of settlers were located on a hilltop in the township. You can find that hill on 825 East Road (Sunset Lake Road).  A sign marks the site to this day. 

Oak Grove was eventually abandoned when the newly constructed railroad came through.
A new town, Carlock, was established next to that railroad in 1888. 

Carlock has had a prosperous past and has a vibrant future.  Your Board of Township Trustees is here to serve the township in the shaping of that future.